A life update: I moved back to my hometown and may old friend, Winter, and I have been reunited. It's freezing and I never dress appropriately but the snow is beautiful and the sky is mostly always blue so I will not complain (for now.)

I had the pleasure of shooting this beauty, Bailey, during the first real snowfall since being home and it did not disappoint - my new favourite set of photos. See below.


life lately

I've spent the last month away from home travelling for work - needless to say it's been quite busy. During said month, I spent time with a few of my favourite far away people and have been really inspired by them all. Grateful to know and be surrounded by such creative humans. Anyways... here's a June photo dump.



life lately

...has been semi chaotic but real exciting. Moving house has taken over the better part of the last two months of my life and my place is finally coming together. Knowing that I'm going to be living in this apartment for a while (because I love it so much), there's a lot I want to do and a lot of things that need to be fixed. I had an idea in my mind that I would be completely set up in a few weeks post moving in but that idea was crazy and I've come to terms with this place being a constant work in progress. Below are some photos of it's current state, which I'm pretty stoked about. More to come as things progress!